Letter-into-Press Workshop| September 9-10, 2017


Letter-into-Press Workshop| September 9-10, 2017


Letter-into-Press, type design & polymer plate

co-taught by Lorena Howard-Sheridan and Meredith Miller

$150.00 plus material fee of $20

In this hands-on, three step workshop, each participant will:

(1) Craft their letter forms by hand, gathering inspiration from typeface-design notions, classic typography, calligraphic techniques and modular systems.

(2) Turn the final letter forms into polymer plates through a simple photographic method.

(3) Print the polymer plate reproductions on a Vandercook letterpress.

Our process will be learned, yet exploratory: there will be room for trying extravagant ideas while throwing light into the beauty of traditional letterpress printing production, as well as, the close relationship between medium and the resulting artifact.

10am-4pm & 10-4pm (open studio until 6pm each day)

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